[ The Absent Material Gateway is thought to be a new materialist secular-millenarian group founded in 1993. Very little is known about the organisation other than that of its headquarters being located in the small town of Lanark in Scotland.

Partially recovered from a digital archive following the removal of The Gateway's website in [redacted date]. This copy is supposedly taken from scans of an official Gateway document, although this has never been confirmed, much like everything else to do with the history and activity of the organisation.]


The Absent Material Gateway has unearthed objects that embody an intrinsic, unshakeable and as yet unfamiliar material independence and existential recalcitrance. We do not know these materials. [...]

This discovery has set us at the foot of a mountain that traces its contours across all lines and all forms in all directions across space and time. Every object is scarred.

Today, materiality, as a collective existential spectacle, is like a sublime wave continually breaking over a corrupted, degenerating memory of being.

In the debris field of life, amongst the seared flesh and scorched earth and the cordite, death, destruction, horror and power appear to us as the lacerations of time’s arrow; the only means and reasons to move in space.

Beyond the demiurge, we have shaped the universe into a cold deterministic machine that turns over. Yet while the existential spectacle of the material coagulates the world of appearances into ‘reasoned’ being, so too does it liquidate the phenomena of the mind’s eye, by forcing it instead into the palm of one’s hand.

But where we still walk soon no-one will be able to walk. This world is disintegrating under our feet.

Now we seek to attend in limbo; tracing the contours of reality and being across all lines in all directions of time and space.

Every object, every entity, is scarred by an eternal flux, that darts across the gaps between and infinity of material particles that disintegrate and cascade into the great gaping wormholes of a new ecology; whose mouth is as wide and as full and as hollow as the universe and whose gums bleed more than just copper and carbon and lithium and gold and whose iron heart swells up for this new ontological future yet to be claimed.

Let every pin strike every primer. Let us excavate the new ecology.