CHAOS REPORT: Missing Schoolgirl Returns Under Mysterious Circumstances

A missing schoolgirl and former Lanark Gala Queen has been reunited with her family after seven weeks of disappearance, a case which remains swathed in unresolved questions.

Twelve-year-old Violet Abingon went missing on November 5th, 2015.

She was last seen just before the annual Lanark Fireworks Night, waiting outside a local hardware store while her father, James Abingdon, 47, went inside to purchase a set of sparklers.

A frantic search went underway to find Violet before Christmas, but as time went by her family started to fear the worst.

“I thought she’d been kidnapped or something,” the girl’s mother recalls, “you always hear such terrible things, but I thought not in this town, surely.”

Police admit various mistakes were made in the search process.

A local officer, who wishes to remain unnamed, confessed:

“There were a lot of problems with evidence going missing. We followed the usual security protocols, but crucial items--locked in a safe--just disappeared. These items pertained mostly to genetic evidence, but also comprised certain documents relating to the hardware store, Vital Materials, near which Violet Abingdon went missing. An internal inquiry is being carried out as we speak, and the public can rest assured no further breaches have been detected.”

It transpired that young Violet was not discovered by the police, but by an elderly fungi enthusiast, John Netherland, 59, who was out foraging one morning in local woodland.

“She was lying there by a particularly gorgeous crop of chanterelles. When I tried talking to her she looked dazed, as if she’d forgotten how to verbally communicate. Soon enough she helped me pick some of the pungent yellow jewels and obliged to follow me home.”

What sounds like a fairy tale ending, however, is mired in worry about what happened to Violet Abingdon while she was missing.

The Lanark Oracle can report that she was yesterday admitted to an unnamed psychiatric unit, under the children’s ward.

Violet’s school has confirmed that no previous record of mental ill health exists under her name.

One teacher described her as:

“A curious child, always reaching out for things she probably shouldn’t. Bright though, terribly bright.”

Her parents ask that the public respects their privacy in this difficult time.